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Develop Profound Confidence in Who You Are

Uncover Your True Potential

In a world clamoring for authenticity and real transformation,

I stand as a beacon of empowerment for the elite high performer.

As an Executive Empowerment Coach, I don’t just facilitate change; I redefine it. Through confidence-building and identity work, I will guide you to become not just who you aim to be but more profoundly, who you truly are.


A Journey of Empowerment

From Listening to Leading

What do a 911 Operator, a Wardrobe Stylist, a Sommelier, and a Leader have in common? On the surface, they might seem worlds apart, yet they share a profound foundation: the power of making individuals feel safe and heard. This golden thread has been woven through my life, shaping my unique approach to coaching.


As a 911 Operator, I was the calm in the storm, a lifeline to those in crisis. As a Men’s Wardrobe Stylist, I empowered individuals through self-expression, making them feel seen and confident. As a Sommelier, I engaged in deep listening to understand and cater to the unique tastes and preferences of my clients. And as a Leader, I combined all these skills to inspire, guide, and transform.

The Power of Insight

In every coaching session, I leverage my unparalleled skill of asking powerful questions that unlock deep insights. These are not just moments of clarity but catalysts for exponential growth. Whether it’s revolutionizing your business, enhancing your personal life, or unlocking new levels of health and wealth, a single insight can redefine your trajectory.

Embark on Your Transformation

If you’re a high performer seeking not just growth but revolutionary change, if you’re ready to explore the depths of your identity and unleash your full potential, if you’re committed to taking action, I am the coach you’ve been searching for. My life’s mission has revolved around facilitating safe spaces and profound connections, enabling people like you to find their inner voice and power.


Don’t just aim for the next level – redefine it. Reach out to me today and start your journey toward becoming the person you are destined to be – which in the end, is about becoming more of who you already are.


Unlock true empowerment. Discover your true self.
Let me guide you there.

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"Margaret and I want to thank Christine for taking such great care in working with us.
If someone is looking to experience a great working partnership, Christine will be sure to take great care of them."

David L. | Realtor | San Jose, CA

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