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What people say

Testimonials and feedback from people who have experienced Christine's impact.

the Business

"I first met Christine 15 years ago and since that time, I have not found anyone more passionate and driven than she is. This work is what Christine was meant to do. She has the personality, knowledge, dedication and leadership to help others reach new heights, sometimes ones they didn't even know were within their grasp.

I have recommended her to both personal friends and professional colleagues. I can guarantee you won't regret deciding to work with Christine.


When my business was rapidly expanding and I was running into situations with newly hired clinicians that I had never encountered before, Christine was always there helping me navigate. I am a better business owner and team leader because of this support and am proud of the environment I've created for my office."

– Danielle C. | Licensed Mental

     Health Counselor | Boston, MA

Warm Up on the Beach


Emotional Safety

"I've been coached by Christine for a few months now and I have to say, she's really amazing. Wonderful listener, I felt really safe and comfortable to share my deepest and most shameful stories with her. I never felt judged and I always received great advice. I am in a quite challenging life transition at the moment and she made it seamless because of her support. I recommend her without hesitation!!"

– Sarah G. | Burnout Coach | Canada


"Margaret and I want to thank Christine for taking such great care in working with us.

If someone is looking to experience a great working partnership, Christine will be sure to take

great care of them."

– David L. | Realtor | San Jose, CA

Foggy Pier
Collecting Seashells

the mentor

"Thank you so much for everything you have done for me and the team. From the moment I stepped into your group, I felt a connection with you and felt comfortable talking with you and asking advice from you. You have made such an impact in my life. You will not be forgotten and are truly appreciated. Again, thank you for all of your hard work, patience, and compassion. You have a heart of gold!"

– Andrea | Management Trainee | Dallas, TX


"Christine creates powerful experiences in our sessions. She creates these powerful conversations that remind me who I am, and helps me connect with the vision I have of my future that is super exciting. I always leave these sessions with action items that build momentum, and helps me stay in a creative and nourished place."

– Glory D. | Contracts & Compliance Manager,

Business Consultant | Seattle, WA

Tree Pose

the Hospitality

"I wanted to shoot the team an email and let you know we had an amazing time at brunch on Saturday. The service was unbelievable from the hostess, to the bartender, to our waitress.

Food of course was outstanding as always,

but the service was really above and beyond this time - a massive improvement!

Thank you for an amazing time!"

– Jennie | Investor | Beverly, MA

the trainer

"Always yourself. Never flustered.

You rolled with the punches and I respected your consistently cool, calm, and collected demeanor."

– Ashley R. | Corporate Trainer | Philadelphia, PA

Calm Waters
On a Rock by the Ocean

team builder


"I'm going to miss working with you so much!

Thank you for all your hard work, especially with our department. I appreciate you!"

– Meg | Regional Director | New England


Helping Create

"Honestly, I was just so unbothered by the things that normally I react to. Having the anchor of me as a wise mentor next to my staff and imagining that I am my own wise mentor that I can access anytime – damn I feel so powerful and calm. What's the term? Unf*ckwithable? Ya that.

Thanks for helping me connect to this deeper identity... you are a MASTER."

"Christine helped me work through some techniques to really clear out stuck emotions, practice tools to be vulnerable and powerful at the same time, and get my creative powerful energy back on deck."

– Glory D. | Contracts & Compliance Manager,

Business Consultant | Seattle, WA



"I had been to your location in NYC before, but I never had the opportunity to go to the Boston steakhouse until last week. I was extremely excited, because my experience in NYC was second to none and I knew it would be the same in Boston.

However, I was wrong.

I work in hospitality as a trainer and one thing I stress to my associates is the importance of catering to our residents and clients. I talk with them about taking the time to get to know them and finding out what their needs, wants and wishes are in order to provide memorable experiences that they will never forget. Well, for me last Thursday Christine provided a memorable experience that I will never forget. "WOW" is the best way to really describe it."

– Tim | Training & Communications Manager | Boston, MA

the advocate

"It has been a pleasure and privilege to work with you this year. Thank you for all you have done for our team!"

– Zack | General Manager | Burlington, MA



"From my heart to yours... peace and love.

Thank you for all you have done for me through your smile, your listening ear, your generous heart and the kindness that radiates from you each time

I see you."

– Kathy | Trainee | Boston, MA

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