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Ways to Work With Me

Are you ready to step into your power and embark on a journey of transformation?

One on One Coaching

Ready to commit to yourself and play full-out?

Deep Coaching Session (3 hrs)

During a 3-hour Deep Coaching Session we confront challenges, seize opportunities, and discover your true potential. Whether in your career or personal life, this tailored experience empowers you to break your limiting beliefs and thrive. Through insightful questions and intuitive insights, we'll uncover the wisdom within you. Walk away with actionable strategies, profound realizations, and newfound confidence.


Book now and experience the impact of Deep Coaching firsthand.

4 or 6 Months
of Coaching

Work with me for 4 or 6 months of one-on-one coaching and guidance.

We'll have 3 - 90-minute sessions per month (12 or 18 sessions in total) to dive deep into the challenges and opportunities that can make the greatest impact in your world personally, professionally, and emotionally. Enjoy a text check-in as needed.

When you make a commitment to yourself like this, you'll look back and be amazed at the progress you've made over time. When I started coaching, I grew so much I felt like a completely different person with a greater outlook on life after the first 3 months! You can, too.


Where would you like to be in 4-6 months?

Envision the ways in which life could look different a few months or even a year from now.

Now, we take the steps to build that golden road to your greatest vision of your future.

Full Year

As a Concierge Client, you'll have virtually unlimited coaching sessions as needed, up to four times per month, but you set the terms. 15 - 90 minute sessions, 3 hour Deep Coaching sessions, quick phone calls, text or email support - you decide what you need at a given time, and I make space for you on my calendar.*  Enjoy priority scheduling and virtually unlimited access, as defined in our agreement.

Want the ability to have a quick phone call before a big presentation or speech?

Serious about beating your own personal best and figuring out what the next level is?

Prefer to schedule meetings as-needed, instead of having a standing weekly time?

Wish you had someone who could connect with a colleague, boss, business partner, or spouse?

If any of those resonate with you, this is your opportunity.

My Concierge Clients have the opportunity to connect me with others in their circle who are crucial to their success. Struggling to make progress on a project but a peer isn't pulling their weight? Has your visionary boss been caught in an uninspired state for a while? Are you struggling to convey your message to your partner because they can't seem to push past their own challenges to see your opportunities through the lens of a growth mindset?

These are just some examples of the people I'm willing to coach in your life.**

This is your opportunity for a truly nuanced, bespoke approach to achieving your next level of success, and uncovering the goals and desires you might never have thought possible.

*Note that I do not reschedule my weekly clients to accommodate your requests. Rather, I schedule around those clients, and have open space built into my schedule to accommodate the needs of my Concierge Clients.

**Should a person in your network or organization desire coaching after 2 or 3 meetings with me, they will be advised to formally enroll as a new client and choose the method of working together that best suits them.

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