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Precision Nutrition and Supplements

What you feed your microbes determines overall health – from the mouth, to the brain, to the lungs, and even to your cells.

Imagine being able to supplement and modulate your diet in a way that not only calms gut discomfort and inflammation, but helps you step into peak mental performance? What if it could raise your energy levels, and even lower your biological age?

Well, that's exactly what Viome can do for you.

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Continuous Personal & Professional Development

I am continually investing in my personal and professional growth. Mindvalley provides a global community of passionate, lifelong learners. Check out all the incredible quests you can take at the link below.

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Monitor Stress & Key Health Metrics

Ever wondered how certain activities or events during the day impact your overall health, sleep, or ability to recover and function at peak performance? With WHOOP, you have this data and more in the palm of your hand. Yes, this goes way deeper than your Apple Watch can. It's pretty incredible.

Begin to gain a deep understanding of how everything you do impacts your body, learn how to optimize, and push yourself to reach your greatest physical potential.

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