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who is christine?

Experience-Driven Coaching
for Personal Transformation

Introducing Christine, a seasoned leader with a rich history of success, including prestigious roles at two Three Michelin Starred establishments. With over 15 years of experience, Christine has honed the art of empowering individuals, helping them regain confidence in themselves and their decisions, and guiding them toward taking positive action. 


Christine specializes in helping people reconstruct their lives, rebuilding confidence, restoring self-trust, and establishing healthy boundaries to create a new, fulfilling reality. Her coaching services are designed for a diverse range of clients, including:


  • Individuals struggling with challenging personal or professional relationships that erode their self-esteem and damper intuition.

  • Those seeking to escape toxic environments, whether in romantic relationships, workplaces, or living situations.

  • First-time leaders – whether it's a promotion, launching your first business, or overseeing a team – looking for guidance to navigate their new roles strategically and effectively.

  • People caught in a cycle of toxic situations who seek the tools to break free.

  • Hospitality professionals at any level, benefiting from Christine's profound insights into the field.

  • Aspiring leaders eager to cultivate their skills.

  • Individuals looking to carve a path to achieving their personal and professional goals.

  • Anyone in search of reconstructing their reality after leaving a toxic situation.


Christine brings her passion for people and years of experience as a leader into the world of coaching, helping clients transform their lives and rediscover their inner strength. If you're ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery, growth, and positive change, Christine is your trusted guide.

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